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> Can anyone recommend a local place that can repair my OkiData 4W laser 
> printer? It's suddenly started printing half a page (it stops printing 
> quite cleanly halfway down a line of text, then blank for the rest of 
> the page).
> It's got a new toner cartridge, so I'm a bit bemused.
> Regards,
> Neil.

How much will the repairs cost? (Other than charity donated labour)

The way that it goes blank exactly halfway down (or so)
might mean that a memory chip is loose, or a CPU address line is out.
You might try reseating all the chips, boards and connectors

The price of a new laser is #50, 2000-page toner #40, P+P to make #100
(but I have no idea which is best per-page value).
BUT 2M is only enough for 300 dpi - unless it has internal compression

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