[sclug] Nat/Network question

Hamlesh Motah admin at hamlesh.com
Sat Dec 10 23:02:01 UTC 2005

"Seasonal" greetings to all,

A nat/networking type question.

I currently have a /28 routed to my home ADSL, using one of those Alcatel Speedtouch 510 jobbies, which actually works very well.  Supports the bridging mode required to utilise all the ips, behind that sits an ipcop box which does the NAT/"routing" for the house computers.

I have recently acquired an Alcatel PCI ADSL card, and I'd like to build a box to replace the router I am currently using, the thinking being to reduce the number of machines I am running.

Would attempting something like this work?

ADSL Card > Internet
Eth0 > Nat'ed interface - for "house computers"
Eth1 > Bridged interface? (unsure of terminology)

So eth1 would be connected to an access switch, on which there would be internet facing machines (currently connected to the inbuilt switch on the Alcatel).

Could someone please clear me up on the terminology for eth1, and what I am trying to do?  Its easier to search if you know what to search for :)

I can setup a box to act as an ADSL router easily enough, just not sure what to look for in terms of documentation and guides to do what I am attempting on eth1.

Thanks for reading :)

Hamlesh Motah

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