[sclug] Nat/Network question

Keith Edmunds keith at midnighthax.com
Sun Dec 11 08:49:58 UTC 2005

Hamlesh Motah wrote:
> So eth1 would be connected to an access switch, on which there would be
> internet facing machines (currently connected to the inbuilt switch on
> the Alcatel).

Hamlesh, sounds like you want a NAT'ed LAN on eth0 and a non-NAT'ed DMZ 
on eth1. A firewall with two zone, LAN and DMZ, is a pretty common 
setup. You might want to take a look at Shorewall 
(http://www.shorewall.net/index.htm) and in particularly the three 
interface Quickstart guide, which will lead you through setting up a 
firewall of the type you need.


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