[sclug] Nat/Network question

Scott Rixon scott at green-flag.com
Sun Dec 11 09:07:39 UTC 2005

>ADSL Card > Internet
>Eth0 > Nat'ed interface - for "house computers"
>Eth1 > Bridged interface? (unsure of terminology)
I am not sure quite what you are trying to achive.. But...

You only need 2 intefaces.. One external on Internal. The external of
course is the ADSL PCI card and the Internal is the network card...

Any machines that run services that need a static 'internet' address
have a port forward. Which is NAT'd to the Internal box. This is
standard firewalling...

So.. Any traffic hits the external card has a port number. The firewall
rules recognizes the port and forwards the traffic to the correct box..

External -> Port 25 (SMTP) -> Forward to

Make any sense? Is this even what you are trying to do?


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