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Alan Pearson alandpearson at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 15 21:40:45 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 15 February 2005 19:46, Graham Swallow wrote:> Equipment wanted:> > ????????overhead projector> ????????sheets or roll of OHP-film to keep and write up later> ????????pens (I dont have any)> > ????????SVGA projector, with X11-640x480 scrolling over 1kx1k (to show code snippets)> > ????????dial-up would enable last minute fetches> ????????source to Pyton, Tcl, XXX, loaded, (DVD-src)> > > > Also what ideas do folks have that we could do ?> > ????????Without any preparation, I can do a tolerable presentation on> > ????????????????Tcl + Python
I hate Python, but the place I work uses it but few people know it well.This would be a good thing to do, to give a bit back if you know what I mean.Remember however that you would be talking to _real_ programmers as well as novices !

> ????????????????scripting + extensions> ????????????????suggestions for sanity> > ????????with preparation time, I can be very lazy and turn up without preparation.> ????????Others that I might be able to do:> > ????????????????C++ intro> ????????????????IPTables firewall intro> ????????????????SGML processing with SP, HTML generation using SPIN_py> ????????????????HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, non-linux system monitoring (for those who must)

Interesting stuff !

> > ????????Talks that I would like to attend:> > ????????????????LDAP - capabilities and howto> ????????????????CVS - common usage guidelines> ????????????????GIMP flypast - after crop and save as ...> ????????????????XML direct to browser> ????????????????MySQL - replication, clusters, admin, using> ????????????????CMS - the easiest + best available, what-is and how> ????????????????SSL - how to use from C, what to call> ????????????????JAVA libraries - list of whats available> ????????????????Kernel-2.6 - whats happenned since 1.3> ????????????????Kernel-2.6 - whats tunable> ????????????????MPEG3 - which formats are good for what, how, TVR?> ????????????????APP/DEV/API - why we need it, what it is, how to use it, > 
The MPEG stuff, we've a lot of experts in our place. I'll see what I can find out, if someone could give a talk on it.

This is looking good.. keep the ideas coming guys.

For what it's worth I'm due to give a Unix basics course to some Mac OSX guys in bracknell.This will involve everything from basic commands with the goal being to create a CGI program & HTML page that accepts input and sends stuff back.This will all be done from command line (using vi) and will cover a _lot_ of Unix basics & apache stuff too.Good for beginners, but doubtful much use to you lot.Anyway I mention it in case anyone wants to attend.

-- AlanP

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