[sclug] Recommendations for mail server

Matt matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Thu Jan 13 23:50:15 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 23:30, Dickon Hood wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 23:08:08 +0000, Matt wrote:
> : On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 22:17, Dickon Hood wrote:
> : > If you have some sort of firewall box at the moment, you can, to remove
> : > the authentication requirement for outbound SMTP, run an ssh tunnel from
> : > port 25 on that, to port 25 on localhost on your mail server.  I'm
> : > something of a fan of ssh tunnels, though, and tend to abuse them at every
> : > opportunity.  Just be careful to disallow external connections to port 25;
> : > you don't want to become an open relay.
> : Hmm, TCP inside TCP. Not pleasant for anything remotely permanent.
> Er, no.  You connect to localhost, it transparently forwards that to the
> other end, which makes an onward connection.  There's no tunneling of that
> sort involved.

Hmm, you might be right there. Sorry.

> PP[T]P over SSH, OTOH, is another matter, and one which has its uses.
> Albeit not good uses...

Yes, I think this is what I was thinking of, having cursed it earlier
today. A right PITA.

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