[sclug] Recommendations for mail server

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Fri Jan 14 00:07:04 UTC 2005

Drew McLellan wrote:
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*waves back*

> I need some recommendations for a simple mail server set up. I have to 
> admit to being totally uninformed when it comes to mail - it's not 
> something I've done before.

If you want something totally off-the-wall, I've recently been playing with 


It's an old-school BBS server that's been updated to the modern day. It 
provides you with a classic messaging service that's accessible using a 
command-line client --- but you can *also* access the rooms via POP3, IMAP4, 
SMTP (with auth), it does private mail, it does mailing lists, it does 
calendering and contact management, it does real-time chat, it talks LDAP, it 
can be networked with other Citadel servers to provide something not 
dissimilar to USENET, everything's accessible via a webmail-like interface, 
etc, etc...

Best of all, it's tiny; the server that does all this is 300kB. The webmail 
addon is seperate, and I haven't installed it yet, so I can't comment, but the 
text-only client is a pathetic 157kB. It's all backed with gdbm so it should 
scale well, but I haven't tried it.

I haven't been playing with it long; I'm a little concerned it might be a bit 
exotic for heavy-duty use, and I've found (and fixed) one bug in the IMAP 
support to do with internationalised folder names. But I think it's well worth 
a look.

The home server for Citadel is UNCENSORED BBS at http://uncensored.citadel.org 
(or telnet://uncensored.citadel.org); you can just sign up and go. If you do, 
my username there is hjalfi...

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