[sclug] Introducing a newbie on the list

Douglas Brown Douglas.Brown at uk.com
Sat Jan 15 09:21:24 UTC 2005

Greetings all,

I am Douglas Brown, just joining this list for the first time, and looking for 
a good LUG to join.

I'm 51 with teenage kids, and live near Camberley (close to the junction of the 
Hants, Berks & Surrey borders). I am an ex-s/w-developer, and have been using 
Solaris (versions 2.5.1 up to 8) for the last seven years. Although I got out 
of development some time ago, and my job strictly does not require it, I still 
manage to "keep my hand in" with shell scripting, TCL, and some PERL.

I've been using & building PCs since the 80s, not 'cos I'm a geek, but to 
support my other leisure activities (mostly to do with the theatre). Some call 
me a "power user", but I suspect they exaggerate. All that time it's been M$ 
all the way, but now I've been seduced by a Knoppix boot CD into trying to set 
up a SUSE 9 system.

Due to my location, I appear to have an equal choice of HantsLUG, SLUG, and 
SCLUG as my Linux home. So I am being cheeky and saying "Hi" to all three 

Normally, from this point on I would just lurk. However I have an urgent 
question to ask, which I'll put in another posting.

-- Douglas Brown

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