[sclug] Thin Clients

Scott Rixon scott at green-flag.com
Sat Jan 29 13:05:48 UTC 2005


I got my hands on Windows XP Embedded Thin Client yesterday.. It got me 

Why would anyone put XP embedded in a thin client? It's just a 'node' so 
who care what it runs? Use Linux and you don't have any licensing costs..

I think they are a great idea.. Does anyone know where I can get a 
'cheap' Linux/blank one from? I want to have more of a play.. I have to 
give the XP one back so I can't really pull it apart and stick Linux on it..

Unless... Could you PXE boot Linux to it? Could be an interesting project..

Thoughts? Experiences? If you ran one of these in an office you could 
have a Windows TS server for all the legacy apps?!? I think there could 
be some really power here...


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