[sclug] Can't able to create user with DOTS?

Damion Yates damiony at is.bbc.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 22:51:16 UTC 2005

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Jonathan H N Chin wrote:

> Another note: Mixed-case usernames are also perfectly valid.
> However, some software expects usernames to be all lowercase
> and may behave in unexpected ways if they areen't.

Many gettys will drop you in to "display all text in uppercase" mode,
things are still case insensitive but all letters are displayed as
capitals, this can be necessary to see anything at all on really old
terminals or lineprinter terminals that don't have lowercase.

I used to use "Damion" as my username for a few years with only minor
issues (slackware2, from 1994ish).  "d" like, a,b,g,h,n,q,r and t
differ enough from their capitalised version to look rubbish in front
of a proper name, "damion" vs "Damion".. anyway I'm waffling, and
quite used to damiony as a username now.

As for chown, /usr/bin/chown and /usr/ucb/chown use : and .
respectively on sol2.6 ttbomk, as /usr/ucb was 1st in path for most of
the systems I've used in the past 7 years I'm a . man even though :
definitely can't be used in a username (for obvious reasons) and . I
know can.



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