[sclug] While we're on the SCSI note...

Taiyo Rawle taiyo_rawle at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 21:59:53 UTC 2005

I've got a strange problem - I have an SCSI drive
hooked up to an adaptec AHA2940UW card (aic7xxx
driver), the card is detected but the drive is not.

The card detects the drive alright and gives no error
messages. I've tried various settings on the card's
BIOS but to no avail, I'm assuming that the card
should show up as /dev/sda or similar.

The drive is a 9.1GB hotplug model from my old compaq
server, it has an SCA connector with an 80 to 68 pin
adaptor. I'm using mandrake 10.1.

Does anyone have any ideas?
...or have I just missed something /obvious/ as usual?


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