[sclug] MP3 player

Matt matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Fri Mar 18 23:17:16 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 21:46, Darren Davison wrote:
> Does anyone happen to use an iRiver MP3 player (either the iFP899 [1] or
> the new iFP999 [2])?
> There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on whether these
> flash based players actually show up as mass storage devices when
> connected.  Some suggestions are that the supplied ('doze only) software
> is required to copy files over.

I have one of the iRiver H340 HDD-based players, that certainly does
show up as a mass-storage device. (Blatant plug:
http://www.bodgit-n-scarper.com/code.html , testing appreciated from any
other iRiver owners with similar hardware). Linux was claimed not to be
compatible either.

However, I think you probably want this:


Looks like iRiver offer 'USB mass storage' firmware for some of the
flash models, so assuming you had one of the right devices, you could
flash it so it *did* work as a generic device.

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