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Paul Cairney lists at cairney.me.uk
Sat Mar 19 00:08:18 UTC 2005

I cba to google the model numbers to find out the specs for the model 
you are interested in, but can give my experiences with two mates who 
have iRivers's; namely the H120 monochrome lcd 20GB and H340 40GB colour 
versions. both work perfectly with usb-storage modules under 2.4.* here. 
cba with bleeding edge so cant speak for 2.6.* compatibility but its 
highly unlikely differ. Having google'd when offering my opinion on the 
mate's potential purchase of the H340 i came across the sf.net page 
mentioned and think it was for the flash based players only.

The H340 is pretty nice for what i have seen of my mates, usb host is 
very useful thou usb2 host would be even better. If you have had yours a 
while without upgrading the firmware check out their site as my mate was 
pleasantly surprised to find new firmware a couple of weeks after his 
purchase which introduced video playback functionality. Getting 
transcode to work under Slackware (I managed to convert him a couple of 
years ago) was a major pita as you have to re-encode the video's to the 
native res of the iRiver's screen (or below as it can only scale up I 
believe). Video playback seemed acceptable but watching video's on a 2" 
screen isnt really something i would find useful.



Matt wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 21:46, Darren Davison wrote:
>>Does anyone happen to use an iRiver MP3 player (either the iFP899 [1] or
>>the new iFP999 [2])?
>>There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on whether these
>>flash based players actually show up as mass storage devices when
>>connected.  Some suggestions are that the supplied ('doze only) software
>>is required to copy files over.
> I have one of the iRiver H340 HDD-based players, that certainly does
> show up as a mass-storage device. (Blatant plug:
> http://www.bodgit-n-scarper.com/code.html , testing appreciated from any
> other iRiver owners with similar hardware). Linux was claimed not to be
> compatible either.
> However, I think you probably want this:
> http://ifp-driver.sourceforge.net/
> Looks like iRiver offer 'USB mass storage' firmware for some of the
> flash models, so assuming you had one of the right devices, you could
> flash it so it *did* work as a generic device.
> Matt
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