[sclug] Samba and fstab

Peter Brewer p.w.brewer at reading.ac.uk
Mon Nov 7 12:39:33 UTC 2005

After thrashing away with sshfs and shfs for a few days I've finally 
decided that they are both flakey and slow so I've gone back to using 
smbfs.  I've set up my share and all works well from my client when I 
use Konqueror to browse e.g.:


I can read and write to the share happily which is what I had intended.  
The problems start when I try and add this mount to my fstab.  Using any 
of the following lines:

//hostname/data    /data   smbfs 
0   0
//hostname/data    /data   smbfs 
defaults,credentials=/home/aps03pwb/.smbpasswd     0   0
//hostname/data    /data   smbfs defaults,username=foo,password=bar     
0   0

They all mount the share successfully but none of them let me write to 
the folder.  The credentials  file contains the same user details as I 
was specifiying with the GUI in Konq.

Any ideas?


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