[sclug] Up for grabs

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Sun Nov 13 13:35:07 UTC 2005

Free to a good[1] home

Lexmark Z52 (cheapo) inkjet printer. Was working when I stopped using it 
(bought a laser).

Very ancient Commodore 386SX laptop (2M RAM 20M HDD). Lost its CMOS 
settings so would need opening up to find HDD params to get it to boot. 
Minix, anyone?

Also one tower PC: can't find the docs on it but as I recall it's 
something like a 1.2GHz AMD on an Asus mobo, has some sort of wierd 
superduper IDE interface which makes hdds show up as hdc and hdd and 
gave me stability problems when I tried to run 2 disks on it; NVIDIA 
graphics card which has semi-packed-up (was giving wierd colours which 
looked like a failing monitor), PSU fan's been replaced with a 
non-variable-speed one (but PSU works). 256M RAM. Basically a job for a 
clued-up tinkerer.

Collect from Reading, university area.

[1] anything better than a wheeliebin :-)

John Stumbles

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