[sclug] Infopoint Bracknell Dec 11th (Urgent)

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Nov 27 10:52:31 UTC 2005

I am keen to give others the chance to find out about or try, open 
source sw and linux, and became aware of the Infopoint Project.

The Infopoint Project seems to have some pockets of activity in some 
places, although it obviously depends on local resources.

There is a regular Computer Fair in Bracknell (11th each month I think) 
and I have contacted the organisers, British Computer Fairs, to ask 
about being allocated a (free) stand, and I got a positive response. 
They were aware of somthing similar run by the sussex LUG, although not 
their area.

I can run the stand single handed if necessary (a question about some 
extra help does in fact come to mind though...... ), and I live within 
half a mile, but - the first big question arising is - can I book the 
slot (in my own name) as an activity of SCLUG?  This is important 
because other things will fall into place in what people understand.

I need a reply about this asap because I need to fax an application form 
off soon if I am to get a place on December 11th - a very good pree xmas 
event when people are interested in new ideas.

1) who do I need to talk to about using the SCLUG name in earnest?
2) etc
Alan c

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