[sclug] 2 workstations sharing /home

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Sun Nov 27 10:14:10 UTC 2005

Tim Sutton wrote:

> John Stumbles wrote:
>>  I'm exporting /home from the old PC and mounting it over
>>/home on the new one, but this pantses up wrt kde's config.

> You should be able to set separate KDEDIR (iirc) vars on each pc.
> e.g. in yout .xinitrc export KDEDIR=${HOME}.kde_`hostname`


I found reference to KDEDIR on kde's website but found that it's not set 
to anything on my systems.

I don't have an .xinitrc on either system (kubuntu hoary and debian 
sarge) but on each I have an .xinitrc.template which I can presumably 
hack on to make an .xinitrc. I'm guessing that there should be some 
system-wide init file which could set this for all users but I got lost 
amongst the morass of scripts setting and testing variables in 

>>I think I probably need to do something with ~/.kde/ to separate out the
>>resources that different machines access in there. Maybe mv ~/.kde to
>>somewhere that's not overmounted by /home and symlink from ~ to the real
>>directory? Do I need to do the same with .qt/ also?

I actually tried that and, rather to my pleasant surprise, it seems to 
work. (I put .kde and .qt in /usr/home/{username} - I'm not sure if 
that's the most appropriate place)

>>On a related matter I'd like to set up my laptop so that when it's
>>connected to my home network it accesses the /home export in this way,
>>but works stand-alone elsewhere. Again are there ready-rolled solutions
>>for this.

I guess this requires something in one of the startup files to test 
whether the NFS mount of /home succeeded and set the environment 
appropriately, before the gui starts.

John Stumbles

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