[sclug] Install day on 15th / 29th?

Tom sclug.org.uk at randominter.net
Thu Apr 13 10:39:54 UTC 2006

Unfortunatly a change in plans means I am now off to work in Strasbourg 
for the weekend, so despite posting for the first time after months of 
reading it seems I will remain unseen.

For future refrence howeverer, I do have a few bits that might be of 
interest. I have been working on linux machines with no/one moving part 
(silent and reliable) and also a entirely solar powered 2Ghz linux 
server. The server runs all your favourite network services including 
Zimbra and MythTV.

Right, best get back to re-installing this damn laptop, ferry leaves in 
9 hours. Hope it goes well and hope to see some of you at the next one.

Tom Allen
Tom.Allen at RandomInter.net

Tom wrote:
> After reading SCLUG for far too long now without saying a word I think 
> I should come out of the woodwork and come to this. I could bring all 
> sorts of things but they won't fit on my bike.
> I will try to come to the meet at BoB's just before to meet some of 
> you lot as well and I can bore you with my banter of idealistic open 
> source projects and try and get an idea of what stuff to bring for the 
> Rising Sun.
> Tom Allen
> Tom Chance wrote:
>> Ahoy,
>> Would anybody be interested in doing a Linux/BSD/Solaris/etc. install 
>> / general geekery day on either the 15th or 29th of April? They're 
>> both Saturdays, and we'd have the place to ourselves until about 6pm.
>> I could provide the venue (Rising Sun arts centre) with free wifi & 
>> internet.
>> Regards,
>> Tom

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