[sclug] Samba printing consultancy

Malcolm Napier 14cc malcolm.napier at 14cc.com
Mon Apr 24 17:03:15 UTC 2006

Is there anyone in the Reading area with a good knowledge of Samba printing
from Windows XP clients? We have a peculiar problem where sometimes we can
print and sometimes we can't from a relatively simple Samba set up. I am out
of my depth and have struggled to identify/cure the problem despite
extensive reading, etc.

My boss has asked me to find someone with the right skills/experience to
have a look at the problem, fix it, and explain to me what I have been doing
wrong. He has given me given me a small budget to pay for this consultancy.
We are based at Reading University but, as the system is portable (made up
of laptops), we could bring the problem to you if needed!

If anyone is interested/capable could they drop me a line off list please?

Thanks in advance.


Malcolm Napier

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