[sclug] Moving root filesystem from one drive to another

ed ed at s5h.net
Thu Aug 3 20:24:10 UTC 2006

On Thu, 3 Aug 2006 20:38:55 +0100
Tom Chance <tom at acrewoods.net> wrote:

> On Thursday 03 August 2006 20:15, Tom Dawes-Gamble wrote:
> > Personally I prefer to separate out /tmp, /boot, /home, /var, /opt,
> > and /usr.  However,  I found that during upgrades you would find one
> > or more partitions was too small. So you end up reinstalling.  So
> > these days I keep everything in one partition.
> What's the advantage in having so many separate partitions? I can
> understand  it for /boot and /home but the others baffle me :o)

The main advantage is the horrid /var and /home (or even /usr/home)
partitions. Some bad days can lead to huge /var/log/*.log files, having
/var/log on the same partition as /, /home /usr could be bad if services
write to these.

It's relatively easy to get a new hard disk, copy a partition into it,
then remount it..

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