[sclug] Install fest / community support day in August/September?

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Aug 8 17:17:13 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 08 August 2006 14:08, Simon Heywood wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:36:45 +0100, Tom Chance wrote:
> > Would people be interesting in running an install fest, perhaps with
> > more of a community support feel, in August or September?
> >
> > Remix Reading have open media labs with nothing in particular planned
> > (yet) on the following Saturdays: 19th August, 2nd September, 16th
> > September.
> 16th September would be OK for me.
> > If people are interested, maybe somebody would like to start a wiki page
> > about it and get the Hants LUG people involved?
> I while ago I added some text to our page here:
> http://wiki.earth.li/SCLUG
> We have our own wiki, so I was going to move the relevant section there,
> but I had to register an account with it and get hold of a password from
> Tom before I could edit it. If you need an administrator password then
> it's not much use as a wiki, so I ran out of motivation at that point.
> Anyway, I just thought I'd try to revive the idea of doing *something*
> in September. I probably won't be at the pub tomorrow evening, so
> hopefully this'll prompt some discussion. :-)

I won't be there either :/

Basically, if at least five people are interested in organising something, and 
will help out on the day, I'm provisionally in. Whether from SCLUG, Hants LUG 
or anywhere else, just so long as we can make a good day of it.

Otherwise it would be too much hassle, since I'll be organising the KDE press 
office around that time in the run up to Akademy in Dublin.


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