[sclug] veeeerrrrryyyy looooong delay booting (initrd)

Matt Dainty matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Sun Aug 13 13:42:05 UTC 2006

On 13 Aug 2006, at 13:38, Will Dickson wrote:

> John Stumbles wrote:
>> SATA == Serial ATA? So do you have a small cable with a few  
>> conductors connecting them instead of a 40 (or 80) way ribbon?
> Yes, and yes. One cable per drive rather than the shared IDE cable.  
> It's a lot easier to monoeuvre, although the connectors seem a bit  
> flimsy.

Apparently, the SATA connectors are also only rated for a certain  
amount of insertions/removals. Bit pants really as they also stick  
out more than the PATA equivalents which makes cable routing in  
confined places a bit tricky with the inherent flimsiness of the  

On the plus side, at least the 2.5" SATA drives share the same  
connectors as the 3.5" drives.
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