[sclug] Installing without bootstrap

James Beckett sclug at hackery.net
Wed Aug 23 00:43:24 UTC 2006

I'm well overdue for upgrading my home server box (it's still on RH9)
and am looking at probably FC5. There's a bunch of data and system
configs I want to retain (it runs various websites etc) and I want
to minimise the downtime without having to actually set up a temporary

Is it possible (and not too error-prone) to install onto a fresh scsi
drive from within a current running system, allowing one to configure
to taste and copy across data before rebooting into the new system
(and conveniently being able to multiboot back into the old)? Possibly
even run the new system in a VM before committing to it?

James Beckett <sclug at hackery.net>

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