[sclug] Linux Apprentice Wanted !

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Mon Nov 6 08:47:02 UTC 2006

Alan Pearson wrote:

>I'm frankly a little bemused/annoyed/shocked by the interpretation of  
>my post.

alan c wrote:
> I am as surprised as you are at the responses to date, very
> disappointed, and I would have hoped for more useful responses in what
> effectively is my local LUG.

I'm sorry if us Jo[h]ns have got up you Alans' noses!

 >>I have no intention of discriminating against anyone...
 >>It is a great opportunity for a person of ANY age to come on board

Thanks for clarifying that. The "more than likely a recent graduate" bit 
in your (Alan P's) original msg sounded to me as if you wouldn't be 
interested in older candidates. I guess Jonathan also saw it that way.

 >>AlanP 'apalled by the attitudes of some SCLUGers.... '

I thought JHNC's heads-up about avoiding age-discriminatory wording was 
indended helpfully rather than critically. I meant my contribution in 
the same spirit. IANAL but I'd guess that a post to SCLUG would be 
treated much the same as a job advert in any public medium as far as 
employment legislation is concerned.

 >>You have _no_ idea what the pay scale is and yet you criticise it.

Jonathan's inference that the job was likely to be at the low end of the 
dosh scale seems entirely reasonable to me, to the point of being a case 
of stating the bleedin' obvious. You are, after all, saying you're 
looking for someone without much relevant experience, so unless your 
business is growing money trees you're not going to be paying vast 
amounts compared to the rest of the market and still staying in 
business! I don't see that as a criticism - I wouldn't expect otherwise. 
As for 'shovelling coal': if there's coal to be shovelled (going round 
applying patches to servers or whatever) I wouldn't be surprised or 
offended to be given that job, if I were the apprentice. That's 
generally been my experience when I've been new to a job.

 >I thought I'd be nice and give the local LUGs first hop on this job

It sounds like a great opportunity. If it had come up a few years back I 
might well have jumped at it myself, though I would have been put off by 
the ageist implication of the original wording.

 >Frankly, if you're not interested in the job, I don't want to hear
 >your uninformed opinions about my post.

My opinions wrt age discrimination _are_ informed, by personal 
experience. If you're not interested in that then you'd better make sure 
you 'advance' into pointy-haired management before you find out 
yourself, in years to come.

John Stumbles

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