Supporting distro re-packaging (Was: [sclug] Linux Apprentice Wanted !)

Patrick patrick at
Tue Nov 7 15:31:35 UTC 2006

Alex Butcher wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Patrick wrote:
>> Should I need to?  I'm neither an Apache developer nor a Debian
>> contributor, though I depend on both for a living.  Installing packages
>> should not require immersion in jargon.
> Pick the right OS for the job. You wouldn't (if you have any sanity) use
> Windows to host your application that requires a POSIX API, so why use a
> distro that doesn't include the components your application requires?
TBH, since I stopped looking after my own server the quality of service 
has improved dramatically. has had a 14 hour email 
outage in the last year but compared to my losing control of the machine 
when someone found a way to compromise SSH, thats OK.

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