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ed ed at s5h.net
Tue Nov 7 20:36:42 UTC 2006

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006 14:18:18 +0100
pieter claassen <pieter at claassen.co.uk> wrote:

> I know this is discussed from time to time but what are the 
> recommended/preferred programming editors out there in Linux land?
> If you use Emacs, is there a good tutorial/reference site out there
> (and how  do you stop it from hurting)?

<obligatory editor war response>

vi, vim, gvim. which ever of these you prefer. ignore all other editors.

emacs (the escape, meta, alt, control shift editor) often takes longer
to start up (has a much larger memory footprint) and requires more disk
space to operate. 

if one just wishes to edit text files or write code vi offers many
productivity enhancements over most other editors. and it works just as
well in a console window as in a gui.

there's plenty of guides out there, but this one i found to be of most
use back in the day.


print it twice, pin it to the wall at your office and at home. if you
cannot find somewhere suitable for attaching this then you may prefer
the mug:


perhaps one of the best features of vi is that it's available in many
base installs of linux/bsd.

have i sold it to you yet?!?

Regards, Ed                      :: http://www.linuxwarez.co.uk

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