[sclug] sharing $HOME on various machines

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Nov 12 19:38:31 UTC 2006

John Stumbles wrote:
> So you have to make sure your users have the same UIDs across all
> machines (this is where NIS comes in if you have more than 2 or 3
> machines to manage).

On a related note...

At work we use SMB file sharing, and I use an Ubuntu system that understands
SMB just fine, so all is well. Unfortunately, it seems that the Linux cifs
module has got an extension that works in conjunction with a Samba extension
that does user ID propagation.

I don't want this. I want all SMB shares to have all files with the same UID,
that is, mine, which is the behaviour of cifs when this extension is turned
off. When the extension is active, the uid= and gid= mount options do nothing.

The only way I've found of *disabling* the extension is by doing 'echo 0 >
/proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensions' at run time, which is a pain. (It has to be
done between loading the cifs module and actually doing the mount, and I
haven't found a way of automating this yet.) It doesn't seem possible to
change the behaviour using mount flags.

Any suggestions?

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