[sclug] Forthcoming IET lectures

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Nov 15 11:42:29 UTC 2006

Simon Heywood wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Oct 2006 00:06:49 +0100, Simon Heywood wrote:
>> Someone at work forwarded me a list of forthcoming lectures publicised
>> via the IET. These ones may be of interest to SCLUG members:
>> BCS Berkshire :  The 'Open versus Closed' Debate
>> Date & Time: 7.30pm. 14th November 2006
>> Speaker: Dr Andrew Adams of the School of Systems Engineering Reading
>> Venue: John Nike Theatre, Agriculture Building, Reading University
>          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wrong!
>> Synopsis: The talk will cover the open versus closed source software debate,
>> plus disclosure of vulnerabilities in security, copyright versus creative
>> commons-style licensing and patents in standards.
>> Organiser: This event has been organised by the British Computer Society.
>> Please see their website for further details.
>> http://www.berkshire.bcs.org.uk 
> Alan pointed out that the venue specified here isn't the same as the one
> on the BCS Berkshire website.  After getting in touch with someone from
> the BCS, it appears that they had to move this event to Room 105 in the
> Palmer Building, so the website entry is correct.  I'm sorry for the
> confusion!

I attended this event. The talk and subsequent discussion was interesting.

I took a tri-boot laptop (XP, Ubuntu, Kubuntu), some CDs, and other 
information about open source.

There was moderate interest in the display, ranging from several linux 
users expressing happiness to see such a display, to an occasional 
student with a new looking and obviously very precious laptop and too 
nervous to even contemplate using even a live CD. (I do hope windows 
justifies his vulnerable dependency).
alan cocks
Linux registered user #360648

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