[sclug] Forthcoming IET lectures

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Wed Nov 15 16:24:12 UTC 2006

> I attended this event. The talk and subsequent discussion was interesting.
> I took a tri-boot laptop (XP, Ubuntu, Kubuntu), some CDs, and other 
> information about open source.
> There was moderate interest in the display, ranging from several linux 
> users expressing happiness to see such a display, to an occasional 
> student with a new looking and obviously very precious laptop and too 
> nervous to even contemplate using even a live CD. (I do hope windows 
> justifies his vulnerable dependency).
> -- 
> alan cocks
> Linux registered user #360648

Very good to see you at the event, Alan, and where possible I hope to attend similar events, whether in this series or on other occasions where the opportunity exists to demonstrate and/or advocate Linux and Free software/Free culture.

Rather disappointing to see in the debate the continuing misconceptions surrounding open source and free software, and the prejudice that remains prevalent that only paid commercial development using closed models with software owners tightly controlling use and redistribution with restrictive licensing can be expected to produce quality software. Along with the corollary perception that open source/free software must necessarily be low-quality/buggy/amateurish only ever produced by bearded hackers working in a garret somewhere during evenings and weekends.

The lecturer seemed to have a more realistic perception, perhaps born of greater experience. From what I saw he has got some work to do, however, to open the eyes of some of his students to the potential offered by open technology that everyone can build on and benefit from.

John Barron

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