[sclug] Re: Forthcoming IET lectures

Ian Park ian at chalmers-park.name
Thu Nov 16 09:57:05 UTC 2006

Alan cocks wrote:
I attended this event. The talk and subsequent discussion was interesting.

I took a tri-boot laptop (XP, Ubuntu, Kubuntu), some CDs, and other
information about open source.

There was moderate interest in the display, ranging from several linux
users expressing happiness to see such a display, to an occasional
student with a new looking and obviously very precious laptop and too
nervous to even contemplate using even a live CD. (I do hope windows
justifies his vulnerable dependency).
-- alan cocks
I went as well - pity the publicity (both the IET events booklet and the
posting on the SCLUG list) got the start time wrong - I needn't have
rushed to Reading after an early dinner! Still, I did have time for
coffee and a chat with a (very) mature student from TVU...

I agree with the assessment of the talk and the follow-up discussion -
the speaker's pedigree as a university lecturer showed (not that being a
university lecturer automatically equates to competence as a
speaker...)! It's probably worth putting a note in your diaries for the
next talk, on 17th January: "Goodbye conventional software engineering".

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