[sclug] using Xgl and Beryl

Scott Rixon Scott at Green-Flag.com
Sat Oct 21 08:26:13 UTC 2006

On Sat, 2006-10-21 at 09:12 +0100, Tom Chance wrote:
> Ahoy,
> On Saturday 21 October 2006 08:56, Scott Rixon wrote:
> > I had to go and find out about Beryl.. Any good? Just desktop eye candy
> > I take it?
> Yes, and I find it slightly less functional than KWin, but it is a lot of fun. 
> (K)Ubuntu Edgy (6.10) ships with AIGLX installed by default, so you just need 
> to add a line to the X config to turn the flashy stuff on, install Beryl and 
> you're away. Painless for someone like me who was worried about screwing 
> stuff up!
> Regards,
> Tom

So without starting a war.. Ubuntu vs straight Debian... I am running
Etch at the moment. (I have to say what an uninteresting name!)

My Linux box is only an AMD 945 (Yes strang OC'ing going on there) with
512mb and a middle of the road Nvidia card.. It's ok speed wise, I would
like a bit more speed out of Gnome. I was using Fluxbox but have just
moved to Gnome..

So have people moved to Ubuntu for general desktop stuff? It sounds
easier? I have a server running woody and I am happy to keep it there...



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