[sclug] using Xgl and Beryl

John Barron mail at europa.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 21 11:08:06 UTC 2006

On Saturday 21 October 2006 09:25, Scott Rixon wrote:
> So without starting a war.. Ubuntu vs straight Debian... I am running
> Etch at the moment. (I have to say what an uninteresting name!)
> My Linux box is only an AMD 945 (Yes strang OC'ing going on there) with
> 512mb and a middle of the road Nvidia card.. It's ok speed wise, I would
> like a bit more speed out of Gnome. I was using Fluxbox but have just
> moved to Gnome..
> So have people moved to Ubuntu for general desktop stuff? It sounds
> easier? I have a server running woody and I am happy to keep it there...
> Comments?

That's what I do, yes. If I was running a server for anything (which I'm not 
at present) then I suspect I'd use Debian stable, and set a policy for myself 
about when I would choose to upgrade to a new stable version, for example 
from Sarge to Etch when it comes out.

For a primary desktop system, I think Ubuntu fills a niche; having a 
downstream set of repositories, and the Ubuntu back-port strategy layered 
over the solid Debian foundation seems more suitable for that requirement 
than vanilla Debian can fulfill.

With Ubuntu Dapper (long-term-support), I don't presently plan to update to 
Edgy when it's released, though I'll probably play with the LiveCD and maybe 
even an experimental install if I feel like it. Very likely I'll also stick 
to giving out 6.06 Dapper as the distribution I recommend new people try, as 
well - perhaps at some stage in the next year or so I'll switch up to Edgy 
(or later), or perhaps I'll stay on Dapper until the next LTS release.

For me Debian and Ubuntu are complementary, not conflicting, and a world where 
both exist offers me choices and solutions which would be lacking if only one 


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