[sclug] using Xgl and Beryl

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sat Oct 21 12:14:40 UTC 2006

Scott Rixon wrote:
> So have people moved to Ubuntu for general desktop stuff? It sounds
> easier? I have a server running woody and I am happy to keep it there...

I use Ubuntu on my work and home desktops, and Debian etch on my home server
(an ARM NSLU2). I find that for a desktop system Ubuntu basically Just Works.
I don't need to faff around much with getting media automounting or weird
network devices or audio or X and such like to work.

Unfortunately the integration's not as good as it could be. Media automounting
is great until you start trying to do disk admin, because every time you
change the partition table it remounts the partitions, which means that
gparted falls over in a heap when it's doing multi-stage edits. Installing 3D
accelerated ATI or Nvidia binary drivers is still a nightmare. The X
autoconfiguration works fine for the common case, but getting my triple-headed
work system running was vile. The Gnome VFS is just horrible because *any*
user space VFS is horrible, but I suppose that's not really Ubuntu's fault.
DVD burning is still largely broken.

Is edgy any better? Is the beta usable yet?

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