[sclug] How to stop checking for spam on mailing list posts

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Tue Sep 5 20:36:26 UTC 2006

Tom Chance wrote:
> Ahoy,
> I'm a bit fed up of the system load imposed by SpamAssassin, and it's a bit 
> annoying having it check every single mail including those going to mailing 
> lists. I can't remember a single item of spam hitting a list I'm currently 
> subscribed to, so I'd like to reconfigure my server to leave those be and 
> save my VM some effort.

While this doesn't *technically* answer your question...

My home server is a NSLU2 ARM box with a 266MHz ARM processor, USB2 hard disk,
and a huge 32MB of RAM. Running SpamAssassin or DSPAM makes it lock up for
about two minutes, and frequently the OOM killer kicks in (erroneously) and
nukes something.

As a result, I now use spamprobe. After a couple of weeks of training, it
appears to be just as accurate as DSPAM was; and on the NSLU2, it takes ~5
seconds per message. Suddenly, it's possible to use my server interactively
without it grinding to a halt every time a message comes in.

So if you want something lower footprint, you could always give that a try...

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