[sclug] Scanning

Peter Brewer p.w.brewer at reading.ac.uk
Thu Sep 7 20:27:44 UTC 2006

I've just convinced by Dad to finally give Windows the push for good.  
The one thing left that he can't do though is use his scanner - an old 
Astra Umax which is completely unsupported by SANE.  He is happy enough 
to buy a new scanner but looking through the list of supported scanners 
on the SANE website, I'm having trouble finding one that is currently 
made/sold and relatively cheap.

The only one I can see is the Mustek ScanExpress 1248UB which costs just 
19.93+vat - I'm anxious that this is a little too cheap!!! 

Anyone got experience of buy scanners recently?



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