[sclug] How to stop checking for spam on mailing list posts

James Wyper jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 10:56:13 UTC 2006

> > Tom Chance wrote:
> > > Ahoy,
> > >
> > > I'm a bit fed up of the system load imposed by SpamAssassin, and
> it's a
> > > bit annoying having it check every single mail including those
> going to
> > > mailing lists. I can't remember a single item of spam hitting a
> list I'm
> > > currently subscribed to, so I'd like to reconfigure my server to
> leave
> > > those be and save my VM some effort.
> >

By chance this dropped into my inbox this morning courtesy of slashdot
(it may have already reached you).  

| How To Fight Spam Using Your Postfix Configuration                 |
|   from the not-welcome-here dept.                                  |
|   posted by kdawson on Thursday September 07, @10:05 (Spam)        |
|   http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/09/07/136250         |

[0]hausmasta writes, "In this guide you will learn [1]how to tweak your
virtual Postfix setup to better combat spam by stopping the mail before
it hits SpamAssasin, using RBL (Realtime Blacklists) and RHBL (slightly
different), greylistings, and Helo Checks." A clear, step-by-step guide
to a complex subject.

Discuss this story at:

    0. http://www.falkotimme.com/
    1. http://www.howtoforge.com/virtual_postfix_antispam


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