[sclug] World Cafe - London Street

Benjamin Johnson bafjohnson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 22:13:21 UTC 2007

Hello there,

the Wireless is indeed free. It's hung off an 8Mb ADSL max premium
(768k down). Handling the wireless is a Linksys WRT54GL running
OpenWRT. Which has QOS to handle ACK and ICMP prioritisation and to
downgrade stuff like bittorrent a little!

I've routed through a /29 to it so there are public IPs for anything
fancy like a media streaming source etc.

DHCP hands out and if anyone wants to self assign use
between .25 and .50

Speed wise it gets about 4Mb down due to me having to split out the
ADSL before the PBX and use a crap spare pair of internal phone wiring
for the last 100m.

Oh and yes I installed and pay for it myself, because i love free
wireless, like the work of RISC (the charity that runs Global) and i
spend too much time in the cafe.

Any questions or requests for anything give me a shout. I can also
sort us out with a meeting room there (wih a big switch in the corner)
and obviously wireless if we were to have a meet there.

Cheers, and happy wirelessing,


On 8/2/07, alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> I visited London Street (Reading) today and dropped into the World
> Cafe (at the Queens road end). The cafe is very community oriented,
> and I think is open from 11am until late evening. I discovered it has
> Wifi, apparently free, and the staff member I chatted to was a
> supporter of creative commons licenses although had not really heard
> of Linux much at all. Howver  interest was taken when I offered to get
> the laptop (dual boot) out to demonstrate, and I also gave a few
> ubuntu live CDs for their home use. I believe the organisation  - shop
> and cafe - uses MACs.
> I began to think that not only would the cafe be a good place for
> advocacy events, but it could be considered as a location for some
> group meet ups.
> (The lunch menu was good too)
> --
> alan cocks
> Kubuntu user#10391

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