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Well it looks like Surrey is inviting us :-)



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> We are also glad to welcome Hants LUG back, who we last saw at Red
> Hat's offices in Guildford for our January meeting.  Hopefully in the
> future we can hold more joint meetings if it's a success.

And if it's a failure we'll just keep holding more joint meetings and
beat the Hants crowd into a pulp until they agree it's a success! :)

Hey, thanks for organising it Dominic, sounds like a great beginning
to the autumn sessions.  Maybe someone could put out feelers to Sussex
for a joint meeting over that side of the county some time.  What
other counties do we border with... Berkshire?  Any others?

In the past we've certainly learnt a lot from Hants and received a
lot of help from them.  This kind of neighbouring lug contact has lots
going for it.

John W

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