[sclug] Label printers - archival properties

Peter Brewer pwb48 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 27 14:50:35 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I'm looking for solution for printing barcode labels.  Whilst we will 
need to print quite a lot of labels, the way we will be working means 
that we could do with printing them one at a time - rather than a4 
sheets full of them.  I've therefore been looking into label printers by 
people like http://www.dymo.com.

My main concern is that all these sort of label printers appear to be 
thermal printers.  The labels we'll be printing are for  keeping track 
of samples in storage and so they need to be pretty stable and last for 
many years.  From what I've read thermal prints can fade worryingly quickly.

What I'd ideally like is a laser Dymo style label printer.  Anyone know 
of one or have any other suggestions?



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