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On Tue, 28 Aug 2007 09:19:35 +0100
Simon Champion <simon at spudley.com> wrote:

> Hia all.
> Just looking for some advice on buying a print server for my home
> network.
> I've got an Epson laser printer which is currently plugged into one
> of my PCs, but I want to put it on the network.
> I've done a bit of research, and EDIMAX seems to be the cheapest
> brand of print servers (as low as ?22), but I've never heard of them,
> and couldn't find much in the way of independent info online either,
> so I don't know how good they are.
> Just about all other print servers I could find were in the ?40-?50
> price band, which seems like quite a lot for what is really a fairly
> simple bit of kit.
> My printer has USB and parallel ports. Parallel print servers seem to
> be quite a bit cheaper, but I'm inclined to get a USB one anyway, as
> it should be slightly more future-proof (and presumably faster, too?)
> Can anyone give me any advice on the best/cheapest options, which
> will be configurable from my linux box?
> (That price of ?22, by the way, was on a site called PCNextday.co.uk,
> which I've also never heard of -- does anyone know anything about
> them either? The next best price I found was on Scan.co.uk which I do
> know about, but it was a tenner more)


My printer knowledge is very limited, and I use that as a defence for
reading everything in PDF/HTML/Text.

Can I coin a new phrase? FIYF, Froogle Is Your Friend :-)


There are some cheaper print servers around it seems.

I can't give you the technical details, I I suspect that it will either:

1. act as a queue for your jobs
2. translate the postscript to printer driver, should your printer be a
   GDI device

The latter seems a bit too complex for a 10quid device though.

The DSL to the fax machine is fscking because of a trailing space
in /etc/passwd. Verizon is being purchased by Earthlink.
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