[sclug] OT mobile phones

Scott Rixon Scott at Green-Flag.com
Sat Dec 22 10:23:17 UTC 2007

> Isn't the HTC thing some Wince abomination?

Yes... I live in a Windows world so it's the best I can get. But now
Nokia have the exchange connectivity tools I can have more options!

> : What exactly do you want to ssh into in the pub?
> Originally, when I was at the BBC (then Siemens), broken servers, so I
> could fix them.  Now, I've just got used to being able to connect from
> whereever I happen to be; reading mail on the train in mutt in your usual
> screen session is something I find very useful, for example.

E90 arrived on Friday. So I have Christmas to play with it. Nice
Vodaphone connection with 3G and no worries about phone bills :)

Any must have extra software?


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