[sclug] kvm switch (> 2 port, electronic)

Robin Lewis goten at squad-wars.com
Wed Jan 10 00:26:13 UTC 2007

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Will Dickson wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> it might have been possible for the programmer to tell the kvm
>> how to move the mouse over IP without having to use system
>> specifics. drawing the image is just a matter of moving a bitmap
>> to the form... AFAIK that is.
> AFAIK this is wrong. Mouse pointers are handled deep in the bowels
> of X for the sake of performance; I'm pretty sure it uses some kind
>  of hardware acceleration. The kind of "emulated" mouse pointer you
>  describe would, I suspect, be horrifically slow and ugly.
> Java-only apps can't reach down into the platform like that, hence
> the platform-specific DLL / .so. Whatever other transgressions the
> mfr may have committed, they're innocent on this one. :-)
> Will.

VNC seems to work quite well (and I'm talking about a VNC server that
lives outside the X binary space, and isn't an X module; you may have
heard of it: X11vnc), so I should imagine they figured out a way of
grabbing mouse X/Y and feeding it to the host rather quickly.

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