[sclug] kvm switch (> 2 port, electronic)

Matt Dainty matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Wed Jan 10 10:57:14 UTC 2007

* ed <ed at s5h.net> [2007-01-09 20:26:43]:
> > 
> > I've used something similar quite a lot, the 2161DS. TBH, it's just
> > a rebadged Avocent KVM.
> oh, i thought that dell acquired them. i dont know, isn't that what all
> the tycoons are doing now? ms just buy things and shove their label all
> over it.

I don't think so, I think Dell just OEM'd it and gave it a worse client.
Avocent also appear to have bagged the Linux-powered Cyclades TS boxen.

> > Yeah, I don't think they're great either, but all the servers are  
> > Dell so if they also do a KVM, it goes on the order as it's easier  
> > than having multiple suppliers/orders. Sadly Dell seem to rebadge  
> > someone elses hardware to just say "Yes, we have a KVM-over-IP  
> > product", they don't appear to support or maintain it terribly well.
> they show the unit as being 0U on their specs... i wonder if thats a
> mistake, or how much it's worth...

I think 0U means that you can shove it down the side of the rack in the
cavity between the posts or somewhere, although I pondered that and
realised it'd make cabling/maintenance a right PITA.

Thanks to the power requirements and heat output of servers these days,
it's not sensible practice to fill a rack completely so there's always
some space.

"Maximum volume yields maximum goats."
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