[sclug] Re: sclug Digest, Vol 42, Issue 5

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:12:30 UTC 2007

>> On 08/03/07, Darren Davison <darren at davisononline.org> wrote:
>>> Totally OT, apologies:
>>> Do any of you Reading residents have any views on Tilehurst.. a
>>> house there is on our shortlist of 2 to buy at the moment :)

I live in the vicinity of Tilehurst, on the outer fringes. Tilehurst 
generally seems okay, if a bit van-man land. Some parts (bordering 
Purley) are quite good, up market even, others are a bit down-market. I 
think the closer in you get to Reading the more down market it gets. We 
used to live adjacent to the Dee Rd/Water Rd area which is reputedly 
rough, but we really had no trouble from there although the burglary 
levels are quite high.


Neil Haughton

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