[sclug] Kinda OT - PC recommendations?

ed ed at s5h.net
Thu Mar 22 23:20:13 UTC 2007

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 13:09:25 +0000 (GMT)
James Wyper <jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Afternoon everyone,

> I am about to replace our family PC after 7 years.  I want something
> with reasonable longevity to replace it, but not necessarily leading
> edge (e.g. it will need to run Windows for the rest of the family, but
> not necessarily Vista).  When it's running Linux it will almost
> certainly be running Ubuntu.
> So.. are there any brands/models of graphics cards to look out
> for/avoid for the best experience with Linux?

I've not really had any trouble with the Nvida range. I think ATI might
be trying to go more open with their chipsets, but that's only
something I heard on lugradio.

> And.. what's the best value option for buying one these days?  Is PC
> World competitively priced on PCs, or should I buy from a direct
> retailer like savastore.com (if it ever returns), or ebay, or a
> Computer Fair, or what?  Or is there a good-value local company I can
> support? (I'm happy to build it myself but I'm not sure that's
> necessarily cheaper any more).

My general advice is go for something that's not a big power consumer,
I'm in the process of moving all my stuff to an EPIA board that should
be nice and quiet and not draw much off the mains.

Having said that, if you like, there's ebuyer.com, who have reasonably
priced parts and 'bare bones' PCs.

It's worth investing in a TFT if possible as they're nicer for me on
the eyes and the desk space is priceless also.




Processors are generally all going to get you similar results these
days. Its not likely that anyone can out-type the processor, or
complete a game of chess any faster.

The DS3 to www.instenes.com is bouncing like a rubber biscut because of
a fibercut. The Sys Admin is hiring Bob Grant to scuttle the company

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