[sclug] [OT] free (as in beer) stuff

Simon Heywood simon at triv.org.uk
Mon May 28 19:24:00 UTC 2007

Hi, everyone.

I'm moving to Paris next week, so I'm trying to downsize my collection
of IT equipment in an effort to make the move a bit more manageable.

Please e-mail me directly if you want any of the following items. 

One smallish AT box, formerly used as a router / firewall, containing:
 * Cyrix ~133 MHz CPU (BIOS says '6x86-PR166+')
 * 32 MiB RAM
 * 4.3 GB IDE hard disk
 * 2 PCI network cards
 * old school ISA graphics card
It'll need a CD-ROM drive plugged in to do an installation.

2 fast ethernet PCI cards

8 MiB 3.3 V AGP graphics card

A stack of various networking and A/V cables, including some 10BASE2
washing line. Ask if there's anything in particular you're after.


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