[sclug] Test message and info on the new home for the SCLUG server.

ed ed at s5h.net
Mon Oct 15 19:21:38 UTC 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007 18:09:06 +0000
Tom Dawes-Gamble <tmdg at weardale.cl> wrote:

> The move to a new server is now complete or will be if this massage
> makes it out to the world.  As some of you know there has been a
> problem with some people getting duplicate messages.  I think that
> may have been down to the temporary server we have been using for the
> last too many months being on my domestic broadband connection.
> Hopefully now that the server is back in a decent home things will be
> more stable and the duplicate mail will stop.


I know mail servers are boring for most people, but it's part of my job
to run several, so, just out of curiosity, how is the new one setup and
what is it running?

Sorry if this bores everyone else.

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