[sclug] Upgrading to Ubuntu Gutsy (v7.10)

Ed Davies sclug at edavies.nildram.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 14:18:23 UTC 2007

One contrary opinion:


As a commenter says, that may just be relevant to the beta
version.  I hope so.

In general, I have to say I worry about this Windows/OS X
envy.  Those systems are OK as far as they go but it would
be better, I think, if Linux went its own way to give an
actual choice.  That's difficult, though, in a community
development - it really needs a dictator with a bit of
imagination.  Where Linux does have the advantage, though,
is that it is sufficiently modular that it doesn't have
to be a dictator of everything; if, for example, one
desktop or filesystem screws up badly it doesn't really
matter as there are plenty more where it came from.


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