[sclug] Palm replacement

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Tue Oct 16 19:29:47 UTC 2007

Bit OT to a LUG but I know folks here are generally clueful about such 
things. I have an ancient Palm IIIe which does everything I need apart 
from the awful monochrome screen which you can only see in just the 
right light. I use it for its addressbook, calendar, memo, to-do list 
and keyring: http://gnukeyring.sourceforge.net/ and sync it with my 
desktop (debian/kde) using jpilot (since kpilot is missing a desktop 
implementation of one of the above apps (I forget which: it's a long 
time since I tried it)). I see that Z22s are relatively cheap now and 
wonder if there would be any gotchas to trying to use one in place of 
the IIIe.


Anybody using one with a linux desktop, especially jpilot, and 
especially also with keyring? Any other comments on the Z22 or other 
devices? Heads up where to get them cheapest and/or supporting local &/| 
FLOSS-friendly dealers?


John Stumbles

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