[sclug] Palm replacement

James Wyper jrwyper at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 21:51:23 UTC 2007

>Any other comments on the Z22 or other 
>devices? Heads up where to get them cheapest and/or supporting local
>FLOSS-friendly dealers?

Have you considered a Nokia 770?  I bought one from Expansys a couple of months ago for around ?80

-    800x480 colour screen, stylus input, handwriting recognition
-   Runs Linux, mail (not calendar) and browser (Opera 9) and media player built in; other software available
-    Wide range of Linux ports at maemo.org including a calendar app, ssh, openvpn, vnc.  Oh, and Doom..
-    Bluetooth (somewhat hobbled by default but this can be fixed) and Wifi (WEP/WPA)
-    Several hours battery life (3-5 days on standby); replaceable Li-ion battery
-   Takes RS-MMC cards for storage

I'm pleased with mine.  It's not terribly fast and the browser is a bit pernickity (Facebook doesn't work 100%, no Flash 9 => don't try Youtube), but the screen is great and the fact you can port / install almost anything is good.  It can also be hacked (with some soldering expertise) to be a USB host.  


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